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Keith Hooker Estate Auction

Saturday, April 26th 10 a.m.

Registration begins at 8 a.m., please register as soon as you arrive.   

Directions to auction: From Cookietown go 2 miles East on OK Highway 5A, then North 1.5 miles to sale location.  (West side of road) Watch for signs. 

 Don't know where Cookietown is??  Click here for a location map to the sale!!

High's Auction & Real Estate has been commissioned to sell at public auction the following list of equipment, tools and machinery for the Estate of Robert Keith Hooker.  

There may be minor changes and/or additions prior to sale date, web site will be updated as any changes occur. 

Auctioneers note: There are some well maintained and like new items to be sold in this auction.  Don't miss this opportunity!!

Announcements day of sale supersede all previous advertising.


SNAPPER 55" MOWER, Good condition

IMG_2168.JPG (110597 bytes) IMG_2169.JPG (88044 bytes)


'03 J.D. 9220  Quad range, 4 remotes: RW9220H011174, 3800 hrs

IMG_1922.JPG (112973 bytes) IMG_1923.JPG (104330 bytes) IMG_1924.JPG (106541 bytes) IMG_1925.JPG (102040 bytes) IMG_1926.JPG (110484 bytes) 

'94 J.D. 8450 quad range, 4 remotes: 

IMG_2098.JPG (112526 bytes) 

Case 930 w/3 pt.

IMG_1909.JPG (129131 bytes)

J.D. 4455 W/duals, Koyker 565 FE loader, 6381 hrs, quad range, 2 remotes

IMG_1907.JPG (118074 bytes) IMG_1908.JPG (110521 bytes) IMG_1952.JPG (113711 bytes)

Kubota M4030 SU M40-21703 

w/bush hog 2425 front end loader

IMG_1948.JPG (111813 bytes) IMG_1950.JPG (121752 bytes)


1997 Dodge w/hay fork 

IMG_1903.JPG (107060 bytes) IMG_1902.JPG (107885 bytes)

1970 Chevy C60 grain truck steel bed CE530P16G315

IMG_1931.JPG (122693 bytes) IMG_1934.JPG (103428 bytes) 

1965 Chevy grain truck w/18' steel bed

IMG_1940.JPG (120130 bytes) IMG_1939.JPG (128040 bytes)

1996 4WD 1 ton Chevy with welding bed

IMG_2166.JPG (109599 bytes) IMG_2167.JPG (104406 bytes)

Hay Equipment

J.D. 568 Megawide baler w/net wrap E00568X358474,  low bale count

IMG_1936.JPG (125179 bytes) IMG_1937.JPG (120273 bytes) IMG_1935.JPG (92442 bytes)

J.D. 705 Twin hydraulic rake E00705X300058 (like new)

IMG_1956.JPG (129538 bytes) IMG_1959.JPG (159074 bytes) IMG_1958.JPG (149748 bytes) IMG_1957.JPG (159459 bytes)

1431 New Holland discbine

IMG_2087.JPG (103703 bytes) IMG_2089.JPG (93716 bytes) IMG_2090.JPG (119171 bytes) IMG_2091.JPG (116117 bytes)

New Holland 144 84047 hay accumulator

IMG_1985.JPG (113250 bytes)

New Holland 315 Hayliner square baler

IMG_1988.JPG (106810 bytes) IMG_1989.JPG (93156 bytes)

5 bale hay trailer

IMG_2097.JPG (128743 bytes)

Implements, Feeders, Trailers, Polaris Ranger

Landoll 6230 tandem disc/like new: s# 62F1203136 Model 6230-30, 24" blades

IMG_1965.JPG (133186 bytes) IMG_1960.JPG (124577 bytes) IMG_1962.JPG (127192 bytes) IMG_1963.JPG (145092 bytes) IMG_1964.JPG (138954 bytes)

J.D. 680 (36') plow s# N00680X001963

IMG_1972.JPG (131206 bytes)

McFarlane 35' Harrah

IMG_1973.JPG (144661 bytes)

30' field cultivator

IMG_1974.JPG (127796 bytes) 

Great Plains sold stand double disc drills

IMG_1975.JPG (122828 bytes) IMG_1976.JPG (94819 bytes) IMG_1977.JPG (74727 bytes)

11 Shank Laney Ripper

IMG_1967.JPG (141442 bytes)

7 shank big ox

IMG_1955.JPG (156870 bytes)

J.D. 8350 drill w/fertilizer box, double disc 8" spacing

IMG_1927.JPG (122198 bytes) IMG_1928.JPG (98620 bytes) IMG_1929.JPG (133177 bytes)

20' spring tooth

IMG_1912.JPG (153619 bytes)

15' Krause offset disc

IMG_1915.JPG (144020 bytes)

14' Krause hoeme (not pictured)

10' Laney land leveler

IMG_2171.JPG (154718 bytes)

J.D. 330 disc (salvage)

IMG_1920.JPG (116875 bytes)

Moldboards, 4, 5 & 6 bottom

IMG_1966.JPG (151452 bytes) IMG_1970.JPG (143438 bytes)

J.D. 400 rotary hoe, (maybe 2 of these, comfirming with seller)

IMG_1953.JPG (144893 bytes)

Sunflower 25 shank plow w/harrah & anhydrous hitch s#0289

IMG_2100.JPG (110858 bytes) IMG_2101.JPG (142997 bytes) 

Versatile Noble 5 x 5  (5' sweeps, 25' wide) w/roll harrah

IMG_2104.JPG (160562 bytes) 

J.D. 613 mower

IMG_1949.JPG (140933 bytes)

Westfield drill fill auger (good condition)

IMG_1930.JPG (91322 bytes)

Polaris Ranger 500

IMG_1901.JPG (119028 bytes) IMG_2170.JPG (116428 bytes)

Shop built gooseneck trailer w/rubber floor

IMG_1941.JPG (112492 bytes) IMG_1942.JPG (139742 bytes)

Bumper-pull cover-top trailer

IMG_1898.JPG (102461 bytes)

16 x 6 car trailer

IMG_1916.JPG (139209 bytes)

Tandem axle 500 gal diesel trailor

IMG_1917.JPG (116404 bytes)

Portable loading chute

IMG_1918.JPG (139397 bytes)

200 gallon boomless Wyley sprayer

IMG_2084.JPG (116209 bytes)

Danuser post hole digger w/2 augers 8" & 12"

IMG_1945.JPG (154061 bytes)

Overhead fuel tanks 

IMG_1946.JPG (144044 bytes)

5000 gallon tank

IMG_1947.JPG (107494 bytes)

15' mower (parts)

3 point hay forks

IMG_1954.JPG (159070 bytes)

Pickup beds

IMG_1911.JPG (137548 bytes)

New & used chisel points and sweeps

IMG_1905.JPG (151018 bytes)

Feeders, Power washers, E-Z fence roller, Big 20 miller welder,

head chute, tools, baler twine (stinger 110 twine), t-posts, box blades, hay squeeze, bucket, livestock panels

IMG_1906.JPG (116576 bytes)  IMG_1897.JPG (127879 bytes) IMG_1896.JPG (125333 bytes) IMG_1910.JPG (154345 bytes) IMG_2085.JPG (166691 bytes) IMG_2165.JPG (145423 bytes) IMG_2164.JPG (123236 bytes)


All items to be sold as-is, where-is with no representations or warranties expressed or implied.  All items to be paid for day of sale.  All titles to be held until checks clear. To have tax exempt status, must present auction company with Oklahoma Farm Tax Exemption card and proper photo i.d., otherwise county tax will be charged.  All property purchased at the auction becomes the responsibility of the buyer once sold.  Cash or checks accepted with proper i.d.  Unfortunately no credit cards. 

There will be concessions.

Questions regarding the sale or items there-in may be directed to :


210 n. bROADWAY



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